Logo Designs

Logo Designs
Our logos symbolize companies by reflecting their products and services, non-figuratively. The Hunter Paine logo above echoes the recycling of tires to create Lexite™, while the Ogden Consulting Services logo uses initials to convey the idea of different overlaid and connected fields. ASC's initials are joined to convey a 'river of life’ that brings to mind their retirement plan management and trust services. Each logo tells its own story, and most of these examples are many years old, having stood the test of time.

Fashion and Time
We design logos to resist the ravages of time and fashion, so that your company image may carry on and age with the company itself, and still be relevant to future generations.

The process begins with clients using our quote page to provide information, after which a quote is sent. Upon receiving a 50% deposit we consult with clients to understand their needs. Initial designs are placed on private viewing pages (invisible to search engines), and feedback is invited. Further designs and or modifications are produced and presented until clients are satisfied.

Ownership, copyright, etc.
Ownership of logos is transferred to clients once final payments are made, after which artwork is provided in a variety of quality formats.

For a tailor-made logo that elegantly enhances your company image, we invite you to try us out. Take the first step by filling out our quote form.