The labelling and presentation of goods is vital to their success, as they are often the only thing consumers have to judge them by. When a person is confronted by a range of supermarket deodorants or toothpaste tubes, the label design will take credit for a sale most of the time. It is tough completion, in which a label either wins or loses. Underestimating the power of labelling is a recipe for disaster. You can advertise a product with fliers, webpages, TV ads, billboards, signs and newspaper ads, but if the label doesn’t hold up to scrutiny on the shelf, the whole campaign will fall to pieces.

A label must stimulate people to buy, and to accomplish this, designers have to read the mind of their target market. As a woman reaches up to select a particular brand of shampoo out of fifty available brands, what causes her to pick one over the others? It is a combination of many elements, along with other marketing, but one thing is for sure, the label must make all its competitors look flavorless and inferior.

Artwork only, or whole package
Most clients pay us to design their artwork only, which is sent to a printer of their choice, but we are happy to oversee the development from start to finish for those with less time to handle these matters.

The process begins with clients using our quote page to provide information, after which a quote is sent. Upon receiving a 50% deposit we consult with clients to understand their needs. Initial designs are placed on private viewing pages (invisible to search engines), and feedback is invited. Further designs or modifications are produced and presented until clients are satisfied.

Ownership, copyright, etc.
Ownership of artwork is transferred to clients once final payments are made, after which artwork is provided in a variety of quality formats. If we are handling the printing we may need to pay others for their work, and this may need to be paid in advance. Such details will be provided in our quote.

For powerful labelling that will catch your target market's eye, we invite you to try us out. Take the first step by filling out our quote form.