Cartoons have a special place in advertising and publishing, as they are powerful persuaders. They can be used to communicate ideas concisely, with just a few strokes of a pen. Cartoons evoke reactions instantly, and make people laugh. As advertising tools, they persuade in a different way to formal imagery, and should not be underestimated. Some advertising campaigns, using expensive models and complex sets, have been crushed by an opposition using simple cartoon characters and humor.

Character development
Powerful branding has been fashioned with cartoon characters that are associated’with the product or service. The number of characters used in this way worldwide numbers in the many thousands. Click here to see a couple of hundred characters used in America alone, many of which are cartoon based. We employ the talents of several cartoonists, all of whom have had cartoon strips published.

The process begins with clients using our quote page to provide information, after which a quote is sent. Upon receiving a 50% deposit we consult with clients to understand their needs. Initial designs are placed on private viewing pages (invisible to search engines), and feedback is invited. Further designs and or modifications are produced and presented until clients are satisfied.

Ownership, copyright, etc.
Ownership of artwork is transferred to clients once final payments are made, after which artwork is provided in a variety of quality formats.

For tailor-made cartoons, cartoon characters, or cartoon campaigns, that put smiles on your customers’ faces, we invite you to try us out. Take the first step by filling out our quote form.