Billboards must convey an idea very quickly, as people travel past. Unlike sign viewers, who can slow down or stop to ponder the message, billboard viewers have no time to stop. For this reason phone numbers are usually wasted on billboards, as are paragraphs of text. Instead they are used to convey an idea, usually to do with brand recognition. Most billboards are used to advertise a product or brand name, so that consumers will be more inclined to look into the name further down the road.

The thing about billboards...
Some think that being very large, billboards should say a great deal. Yet billboards are ignored by motorists when they try to say too much. On the other hand, others do far too little with the billboard. Rather than too much or too little, the message needs to be just right, and that is where we come in. Let us invent your next billboard, to show you what we mean.

The process begins with clients using our quote page to provide information, after which a quote is sent. Upon receiving a 50% deposit we consult with clients to understand their needs. Initial designs are placed on private viewing pages (invisible to search engines), and feedback is invited. Further designs and or modifications are produced and presented until clients are satisfied. If you have (a) particular billboard (s) in mind, you may send photos and we will provide mockups of what the designs will look like on them..

Ownership, copyright, etc.
Ownership of billboards is transferred to clients once final payments are made, after which artwork is provided in a variety of quality formats. We will probably need to speak with your printers to supply them with the file formats they prefer.

For a tailor-made billboard that conveys a message quickly, we invite you to try us out. Take the first step by filling out our quote form.